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A lil about me and my work

I'm Laya Mathikshara, a 15 year old from Chennai, India. Being very closely attached to the Tamil tradition, the place is the home of various art forms ranging from Bharatanatyam to Tanjore paintings, I've always had an eye out for art. As things moved online, during the pandemic, I started pursuing my passion for art through digital art forms when I was 13 years old. Later, minted them as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for sale in cryptocurrencies. I've been in the Web3 space for the past 2 years and have grossed over 1 million dollars from it. I work in the interdisciplinary field of Art and Technology. I specialize in 3D animation, AR/VR, creative coding, and data-driven art. At the moment, I'm interning at Tendril Studio, as a digital artist closely mentored by the team.


- Collaborated with SpaceX’s Inspiration 4 launch. The work was auctioned and I contributed the proceeds from it, over $3000, to St. Jude’s Children's Research Hospital for cancer research.

- Designed NFTs for cooperatives like PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC).

- Inspired by Ledger is a patronage program for digital artists and creatives. I was part of the program and contributed the work, “Thumb-sized Treasures” to the same.

- Have also been quite enthusiastic about supporting women-led projects. One of which I closely worked with was the “World of Women”. I have contributed my works to WoW.

- I have been designing NFTs for the Stanford Blockchain club.

Works have been showcased in public places as well, such as: - Urban landscapes throughout Spain, including the Guggenheim Museum, the Abando tourist office, and Plaza Sagrado, Corazón, Campos Eliseos Theater.

- Across 20 airports in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, France, Japan, Portugal, and Serbia. - Featured on Times Square billboard (over 20 times) :)


Final Nominee @ All American High School Film Fest

Final Nominee @ Busan Int'l Kids and Youth Film Festival X UNESCO

During the early pandemic, I directed and animated a short film “Gratitude” to show gratitude towards the doctors, healthcare workers, journalists, and others who stood there during the tough times. The film was nominated for “All American High School Film Festival” also known as the Oscar for teens, and “Busan Int'l Kids and Youth Film Festival” in partnership with UNESCO. The film was also screened in the AMC Theater (the busiest theatre in the world) in Times Square.

Gratitude (Short Film)

Metaverse Architecture

Labyrinth (Somnium Space)

Bored Ape Ladies Club (CryptoVoxels)




-Creative Coding (p5.js)



-Cinema 4D


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