Art Bat 11 - Kazakhstan


As part of the ARTBAT Fest 11, the "Public Art - Art in Public Spaces'' project takes center stage, bringing an innovative social dimension to the event. Rooted in the theme of Anthropocene critique, the initiative focuses on the repercussions of human dominion over nature and its contribution to the climate crisis, for this reason, each installation serves as a visual commentary on the intricate relationship between human activity, environmental impact, and social dynamics. Set from September 14th to November 15th at Baiseitov Street, the project invites locals and tourists to actively engage with art installations strategically placed throughout the urban fabric that transform the familiar cityscapes into artistic enclaves, offering free access and an immersive experience.

Coordinates of the AR/VR art - 43°14'57.2"N 76°56'37.5"E

inDrive is proud to announce our partnership with the contemporary art festival ARTBAT FEST! Until mid-November, our team, alongside ARTBAT FEST, will be showcasing a unique genre of art, Public art, in the lively city of Almaty, along the entire stretch of Baiseitova St.

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