Interdisciplinary works


Cerebellum is a window that shows the beauty of learning and optimization in our lives. The work is made with reinforcement learning and three.js along with aspects like interactability and dynamicity. The project starts with an untrained model of a reinforcement learning agent that is deployed in an environment where it is faced with positive rewards and negative rewards.

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What is creativity?

“What is creativity?” is a series of generative art whose input parameters are obtained from a creative person’s brain scan (more specifically the cerebellum’s activations).

The seat of creativity is our brain. Our brain has caused all the awesome things we see around us including the magical arts of the world all the way from a visually creative person’s cerebellum to generally to verbally creative person’s cerebellum. The person’s creativity is measured with the Abbreviated Torrance Test for Adults.

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Breath In Breath Out

Have you ever removed your mask during the pandemic and felt like "Wow, fresh air! I've missed this so much?”.

The art is a tribute to the Amazon rainforest. It is a snapshot of the Amazon’s Vegetation Optical Depth - VOD (a measure used to estimate changes in vegetation biomass) over a decade. The animation is derived from the (scaled) VOD data for a period of 4 years. With the hope of creating an awareness of the magnitude of destruction of the Amazonian rainforest over the past few decades.

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Mind Mirror

As social beings, humans can quickly match the emotions of those around them aka mirror neurons - brain cells that allow us to emit and mirror the emotions of others. As emotional beings, it is crucial that we recognize the emotional states and mental well-being of those around us, as we both influence and are influenced by them.

Project Mind Mirror is a portal that would represent the collective emotions of our peers.

Depending on the results of the poll from the dedicated Twitter page @theMindMirror we change the theme of a portal reflecting the emotion of the participants. A new poll would be put out every day and the results would be presented live in the form of abstract art in the mind mirror portal.

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Short Film - Gratitude

During the early pandemic, I directed and animated a short film “Gratitude” to show gratitude towards the doctors, healthcare workers, journalists, and others who stood there during the tough times. The film was nominated for “All American High School Film Festival” also known as “The Oscar for Teens”. And “Busan Int'l Kids and Youth Film Festival” in partnership with UNESCO. The film was also screened in the AMC Theater (the busiest theatre in the world) in Times Square.


AR/VR works

I love the unique aspect of Virtual Reality, to have a complete view of the art. TLDR, just enjoy playing around with the different perspectives, motions, and effects that it can create, unlike other 2D works :)


It is an initiative to make the digital space more accessible to folks with disabilities that might hinder their ability to access it.

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